June 18, 2015

Anton Vialtsin, Esq.

Anton Vialtsin | Criminal Defense and Business AttorneyCriminal Defense: In any criminal case, success is rarely left to chance.  Instead, Anton Vialtsin’s clients quickly recognize that it’s a product of his diligence and personal commitment.  This means thoroughly investigating the evidence against an individual and engaging some of the best experts in the business to discredit prosecution’s theory of the case.

         Anton Vialtsin, Esq., E.I., successfully defended clients accused of a wide range of criminal offenses.  He handled cases ranging from driving under the influence (DUI) to felony gang related assaults and other crimes against persons.  A member of NORML Legal Committee, Anton Vialtsin is often the first choice for individuals facing felony drug related offenses in the states of California and Nevada.

          Mr. Vialtsin has a very diverse occupational experience that includes working for private employers and the state government.  Prior to partnering with Mr. Delicino and opening the San Diego office, Mr. Vialtsin worked for Jeremy Delicino at the Salt Lake City law office.  While there, he had the privilege of assisting Mr. Delicino prepare for a death penalty trial.  That case resulted in the first acquittal in a police shooting in the state of Utah since 1973.

          Before entering the legal profession, Mr. Vialtsin received a civil engineering degree and a Nevada engineering license.  Anton Vialtsin worked for Las Vegas Valley Water District, where he was responsible for water plan development and hydraulic network analysis review.  Mr. Vialtsin has always had strong analytical skills, which are as important in engineering as in law.  Anton Vialtsin often takes a common sense and an “engineering” approach to solving criminal cases.

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SDCBA_Round_Table_10-20-15-4909_(2)_reducedBusiness Litigation: From early age, Mr. Vialtsin opened and managed a number of businesses.  Enjoying helping others succeed in the business world, Anton Vialtsin takes a limited number of business litigation cases.  It is always exciting to resolve complex business disputes between sophisticated individuals.  Mr. Vialtsin focuses primarily on disputes of large monetary scale and is currently litigating an international business dispute involving  claims exceeding $30 million. 

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Education: Anton Vialtsin graduated law school Summa Cum Laude, finishing in the top 5% of Whittier Law School.  While there, he was awarded the prestigious International and Comparative law fellowship.  Mr. Vialtsin received a Civil Engineering degree from University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  He was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and held several position at the Las Vegas Chapter.  Mr. Vialtsin is currently a member of Alumni Control Board for Lambda Chi Alpha, University of San Diego Chapter.


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