California Gun Crimes

School shootings and other random acts of gun violence brought the gun debate to the national forefront. With the public outcry to stop the violence, California legislature and the judiciary is taking the zero tolerance approach to anyone who unlawfully possesses or uses a gun.

San Diego Gun Laws

Attorneys at LAWSTACHE LAW FIRM understand that gun enthusiasts are NOT criminals. But we also know firsthand that even innocent people may find themselves facing the criminal justice system in the current anti-gun environment.

Attorneys at LAWSTACHE LAW FIRM have a reputation of being the best in San Diego and are prepared to fight for your 2nd Amendment rights. The Second Amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791, and from that point on State and local governments are limited to the same extent as the federal government from infringing this RIGHT.


We provide unrivaled criminal defense in the following gun crime cases:

  1. Criminal possession of a firearm
  2. Criminal possession of a weapon on school grounds
  3. Unlawful possession of weapons by a person under 16
  4. Criminal possession of a dangerous weapon
  5. Criminal sale of a firearm
  6. Criminal sale of a firearm with the aid of a minor
  7. Criminal sale of a firearm to a minor
  8. Criminal purchase or disposal of a firearm
  9. Brandishing a gun or firearm

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