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Sexual Tort Attorneys

Trial Attorneys at LAWSTACHE™ LAW FIRM advocate for survivors of rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. We represent victims with claims concerning such situations as the following:

  • Negligent hiring, retention, and supervision of employees and directors resulting in sexual abuse of children entrusted to daycare, preschool, and aftercare facilities;
  • Failure of school employees and officials to exercise due care in the supervision of children.  Abuse in schools (pre-kindergarten through high school) by teachers, coaches, volunteers, counselors, and even other students;
  • Sexual assault on college campuses;
  • Sexual abuse cases involving youth sports leagues. Coaches and team administrators have a responsibility to take care of the kids entrusted to their care;
  • Sexual abuse by clergy;
  • Sexually hostile work environment due to a pattern of offensive remarks, obscene e-mail, or open display of pornography or overtly sexist material;
  • Pressure to provide sexual favors in exchange for obtaining, keeping, being promoted to a position;
  • Harassment on the basis of sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation;
  • Retaliation for filing an internal complaint or commencing a civil lawsuit or administrative proceeding;
  • Sexual abuse in residential care facilities and group homes. These facilities and agencies can be responsible for failing to protect their residents from sexual predators by negligently hiring an employee with a prior criminal history, negligently supervising or failing to monitor its employees, and failing to report incidents of suspected sexual abuse to authorities;
  • Sexual assault during routine medical care or an extended stay at a hospital. When hospitals fail to protect the patients entrusted to their care and those patients are sexually assaulted or raped, the hospital is at fault;
  • Our attorneys skillfully and successfully handled many types of sexual abuse cases. Please give us a call to discuss your circumstances in a completely confidential consultation.  

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Personal Injury

Attorneys at LAWSTACHE™ LAW FIRM recognize that first and foremost you are a victim and should not be treat as an outcast, outlaw, or an outlier by the insurance companies and big businesses. You did not choose to sue for damages. You suffered a great loss and deserve the maximum compensation for your injury. We know that you are going through a rough time and need someone to lean on. Here is what we’ll do:

  1. Provide a FREE consultation.
  2. Evaluate your case and provide you with realistic expectations.
  3. Ensure that you have access to medical treatment.

Each case is unique and should not be tried with a cookie cutter approach. This means evaluating your case and putting the best legal team together for the job. We hire some of the best experts and expert-witnesses in the country. We don’t cut corners and the results speak for themselves.

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