Electronic Monitoring in Lieu of Bail. (PC 1203.018)

The most common way to be released from jail while the criminal charges are pending against you are by: 1. Bail or 2. Own Recognizance (OR). Most people are not familiar with being released from jail on electronic monitoring (GPS).

GPSYou may be eligible for electronic monitoring while the charges are pending if you are eligible for bail. You will be released and monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You may be ordered to complete appropriate programming, education, or employment.


1. Verifiable address/residence
2. Bail must be set
3. Court must refer
4. Offender must pay for portion of GPS cost if able


1. Eligible for own recognizance (OR) or supervised OR release.
2. Open or pending other charges, detainers or active warrants
3. Current or prior domestic violence incident or stalking that resulted in a currently valid protective order.
4. Sex offense charges pending, or prior conviction or arrest for sexual assault, lewdness, indecent exposure or child victim crimes.
5. Current charges or murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, or gang, weapons, or GBI allegations.
6. Current serious or violent felony with strike prior.

This GPS monitoring program is ran by the San Diego Sheriff. If you violate the conditions of GPS release or equipment fails, the sheriff may take you back into custody without court order or a warrant.  

This may be a good program for non-violent offenders, who are eligible for bail but are unable to pay the bail-bond’s premium.

Please call us at 619-357-6677 if your loved one is in jail. He/she may be eligible to be released on GPS monitoring.