Home Detention (PC 1203.016 and 1203.017)

This program is ran by the San Diego Sheriff. You may be sentenced to probation with a custodial sanction instead of jail term. The sheriff must deem the offender eligible and the Court must allow it in order to be released on GPS monitoring.


1. Non-violent conviction.
2. Verifiable address/residence.
3. agree to participate (in some instances the persons living with the offender must agree).
4. Able to pay for portion of GPS costs.
5. Granted probation with custodial sanction.


1. The Court might not allow
2. Sentenced per 1170(h) to a term of imprisonment in county jail
3. Open/pending other charges, detainers or active warrants
4. Domestic Violence with protective order
5. Inmates with arrests or conviction for certain sex offenses

When selecting an attorney, it is crucial that you pick an attorney that knows all the alternatives to jail/prison sentences. There is nothing worse than sitting in jail and learning later that you could have been sentenced to home confinement or GPS monitoring. The following are some of the alternatives to custody that you may be eligible. Please discuss these alternatives with your attorney because eligibility depends on the crime, past history, and other factors.

If you would like to know whether you are eligible for home detention instead of jail term, please call 619-357-6677.