How to correctly fill out Personal Surety Bond paperwork for the Southern District of California?

If you are a proposed surety for one of my clients, please watch this video in its entirety. This is an instructional video for you. If the Court set a personal surety bond on your relative’s case, the amount of the bond does not need to be paid upfront. Instead, you need to show to the satisfaction of the Court that you would be able to pay that amount ONLY IF the defendant fails to come to Court or violates some other terms of pre-trial release.

Begin by gathering documents that will prove financial responsibility and the ability to pay the bond amount (work W-2, taxes, 1099s, assets, savings, retirement, etc). The surety must show financial responsibility and/or the ability to pay the bond amount if the defendant does not appear in Court or violates another condition of pretrial release.

Once you have the supporting documents together, please fill out the bond packet. If you are watching this video, it is likely that I’ve emailed you the paperwork already. You’ll need to make photocopies of two picture IDs for EACH surety.

  1. The surety needs to sign the Appearance Bond sheet. (Have someone sign as a witness)
  2. Fill out and initial at the bottom of the first page of Surety Addendum. (Each surety needs his own paperwork)
  3. Print name and sign the second page. (Please have someone sign as a witness and put their address down).
  4. You’ll need to make photocopies of two picture IDs PER surety.
  5. Attach financial documents for each surety. (W-2, taxes, 1099s, retirement)
  6. Cashier’s check made to “The Clerk of the Court” for cash deposit portion of the bond. (ONLY if the Court set a cash deposit)

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