Motorcycle Attorneys

Anton Vialtsin is your Southern California Motorcycle Trial Attorney. He is one of the few attorneys who actually rides his motorcycle to his office on daily basis. Most of the weekends he can be seen on his Harley-Davidson or cruising his ’37 Ford Hotrod to the local car shows.

There are many attorneys that claim to be motorcycle attorneys without ever spending a minute riding a bike or knowing how. And most national motorcycle law firms (the ones you see at every motorcycle rally) usually simply play a role of a referral service to local personal injury attorneys. The retained attorney and the “referral service” law firm then get a cut from your compensation and split it. Trial attorney Anton Vialtsin — an avid motorcycle enthusiast — genuinely understands the challenges motorcyclists face on the road and a rider’s innate desire to get back on the road quickly, after an accident. He is personally involved in every case.

Anton Vialtsin is committed to assisting and supporting motorcycle riders. If you were involved in a collision that was evidently caused by another driver’s negligence, we can help. You may believe that you were partially or wholly at fault for caucusing the accident. Regardless of the circumstances of your crash and who is at fault, we can make a difference in the outcome of your insurance claim. 

Anton Vialtsin’s Lawstache Law firm can file your claim and can fully review the settlement offer to determine whether it is fair. We stop greedy insurance companies from taking advantage of riders, who are seriously injured.  

When you contact our offices, you know your case will be given the quality legal attention that you need. Anton Vialtsin is not only there when you are down and injured, he represents and supports bikers in many different case. He represented bikers accused of serious state and federal criminal offenses. He regularly represents motorcycle riders at the Kearny Mesa Traffic Court, taking selected cases on pro bono basis (free of charge). If you need legal representation, please call our office at 619-357-6677.