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san_diego_1_bg_20090704Attorneys at LAWSTACHE™ LAW FIRM understand that all real estate comes with a large list of potential pitfalls. We have experience helping our clients discover whether a property is accurately reflected in the plan and help identify any defects in construction or title or zoning issues. New-York-Real-Estate-Lawyer-New-York-Real-Estate-AttorneyLitigating these property defects save hundreds of thousands of dollars in mortgage, estate and income taxes. Our attorneys will help you evaluate whether it is beneficial for you to remain in the property. With our background in general business litigation law, we are able to provide a comprehensive analysis of your situation and help you take control over it.

Our Commercial and Residential Real Estate attorneys handle the following: 

  • Banking and lending
    • Disputes over escrow deposit 
  • Contracts
    • Lawsuits against developers 
    • Construction Contracts
    • Breach of the Purchase Agreement
    • Disputes between joint property owners
    • Create real estate corporations and partnerships
    • Credit agreements/notes, security agreements, mortgages, and fixture filings on behalf of institutional real estate lenders such as mortgage banks
  • Fraud, title insurance review and land survey review
    • Title, easement, partition, equitable subordination, and boundary line disputes 
    • Zoning and Permitting
    • Fraudulent real estate deed transfers 
  • Commercial real estate leases and office leases
  • Condominium conversions / cooperative apartment building conversions and development projects New-York-Condo-Lawyer-NYC-New-York-Condo-Attorney
  • Landlord tenant disputes
  • Real estate transactions involving foreign purchasers

If you have a potential real estate dispute,  we encourage you to call us to discuss your situation. There is no fee or obligation for an initial telephone consultation with one of our lawyers.

Our office is conveniently located in downtown San Diego at 835 5th Avenue, Suite 200A.

You can reach our office by calling (619) 357-6677.

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