January 12, 2016

San Diego Federal Crimes Attorney

-Facing Federal Criminal Prosecution by the United States Government?

The California federal crime defense lawyers at LAWSTACHE LAW FIRM handle both federal and state criminal cases in all counties and districts of California, Nevada, and Utah. Attorneys Anton Vialtsin and Jeremy Delicino possess the knowledge and experience to handle the full spectrum of criminal charges, from misdemeanors to capital murder cases.

Anton_Vialtsin_Federal_Crimes_AttorneyAttorneys at LAWSTACHE LAW FIRM routinely represent clients facing federal criminal charges. The basic difference between federal and state criminal offenses is that a federal offense violates a federal law and a state offense violates a state law. In some cases, however, federal and state laws cover the same area of criminal law. If a state law contradicts a federal law, the federal law generally trumps the state law in the interest of the national welfare. In other areas of criminal law, the federal government has exclusive power to regulate, enforce, and prosecute alleged crimes. Federal government have exclusive power to prosecute crimes involving interstate commerce, national security, and federal programs. For example, most white collar crimes, such as credit card fraud, tax evasion, and welfare fraud, are prosecuted in federal courts.

Compared to California State Courts, the federal government vested a lot of power in Federal judges. In the federal system, the sentencing guidelines estimate the amount of prison time an individual is likely to do for a crime. These guidelines are only advisory, not mandatory on the judiciary. This means that a judge does not have to follow the sentencing guidelines. Aside from trial and/or plea negotiations, the sentencing hearing often becomes a crucial moment in the defendant’s life.

If you or your loved one is facing a criminal prosecution in the 9th Circuit District Federal Court or any other federal court, please call our office. Our attorneys understand the federal criminal system and are well-versed in the defense strategies that work to dismantle prosecution theories.

In the following section our federal criminal defense attorneys explain common federal crimes and possible defenses to those criminal codes. Please click on the Tabs based on crime’s category, and then select the section.

If you have been charged in San Diego federal court, contact LAWSTACHE™ LAW FIRM. Attorneys Anton Vialtsin and Jeremy Delicino have experience protecting those accused of federal and California crimes. Our office is conveniently located in downtown San Diego. You can reach our office by calling (619) 357-6677.

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